Breakdown Blues – Day 43 – A couple of drongoes

July 2022, Mulambin Qld

El Prado drives us down to the Emu Park monthly market under the trees in Bell Park. The location is superb with a curving expanse of beach on one side and the stalls shaded by hoop pines and beach almond trees. Woody leaves us to walk back as far as Kinka Beach. He’s really cranked the walking up a notch.

Emu Park Market

I have a long walk on Mulambin beach which is surprisingly quiet for a Sunday. A pair of Sooty Oyster Catchers stalk the shallows and I spot a Red Backed Fairy Wren in the undergrowth. Walking back through the residential streets I spot a pair of Spangled Drongoes on a backyard fence. Now don’t be mistaken, I’m not talking about a pair of glammed-up bogans, no I’m talking feathered birds here. I’ve been trying to spot a drongo for years and finally…finally, I can now claim to have seen two! What a shame I couldn’t get proof!

Sooty 1 and Sooty 2 on beach patrol
Driftwood, Mulambin Beach
Red Backed Fairy Wren

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