Breakdown Blues – Day 50 – Bats in the belfry

Day 50 Sunday 24/7/2022 Mulambin, sunny 13 – 21

The park is busy with weekenders. Woody goes for a walk while I catch up on online art lessons. The curlew is back in the garden doing sloth impersonations.

After lunch, we drive to Emu Park and walk from the bowls club to the point. The surf club has an inviting beach ‘hole in the wall’ cafe where coffees are served with mats so people can sit on the rolling lawns overlooking the beach. The caravan park in Emu Park has hundreds of uninvited guests. It seems that the bat colony that once lived in the mangroves around Ross creek in Yeppoon has moved house and they are now chattering noisily in a tree in the caravan park. Imagine arriving for your peaceful winter break in the sun to the noise and smell of a few hundred bats above your van. That would be enough to send you insane.

Cute toilet block art at Emu Park
Bats! Both the noise and the smell are unbearable.

Elle has cooked a curry for dinner in the camp kitchen. B1 & B2 have bought a heap of prawns and they show us how to eat them WA style. This means covering the table with newspaper (preferably the West Australian) and throwing your shells on the table. At the end of the meal, the whole lot is rolled up and binned. Now that’s how to eat prawns! Forget the fancy Yuletide tablecloth we’ll be laying out the newspaper at Xmas.

A meal of prawns and a chance to check on real estate prices at the same time

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