Breakdown Blues – Days 63 – 65 – Billella

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld

It’s a funny old day, warm and humid but the rain front passes to the south of us. They’re really copping a wet winter down in Brisbane. One of the staff reckons that it only rains at night here in winter. I think we’ve found Camelot.
Woody goes into Yeppoon to the farmers market and returns with pastries and deliciously nutty cornbread from Baked On 44. The cornbread makes excellent sandwiches but is even better toasted the next day with peanut butter on top.

R and S try to extend their stay here but there are no sites available. The park has been completely full every night, that’s well over a hundred sites. They would like to visit a few coastal towns on their way home but have been unable to secure a booking. It seems that everyone has hit the road this year.

It’s Sunday and R and S leave us heading southwest. In the evening El Prado rings them to find out where they are, from the conversation we gather that they’ve reached Biloela which is pronounced Billoweela.

“Billella” says R.

“Biloela?” Says El Prado.

“No Bill ella!” Says R “There’s no W!”

“It’s Biloela” says El Prado


Moonlight over Mulambin (and that’s pronounced Mullumbn)

Footnote: I’d hate to think how many places we’ve mispronounced in our travels, but the standouts would have to be Canowindra (pronounced Canoundra) and Quirindi (Corindie not to be confused with Corindi Beach).


5 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Days 63 – 65 – Billella

  1. Pronunciation. What a nightmare. Soon sorts out the locals. Come here and pronounce nearby town Masham as ‘Mashem’ ‘ and we’ll know you’re not from round and about. It’s ‘Mas-ham’. You know now, so don’t get it wrong when you call on us 😉


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