Breakdown Blues – Days 66 – 68 – Scrambled Egg

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld

Killing two birds with one stone, Woody takes the Jeep into Rockhampton to be serviced and have a blood test. He walks another 15kms.

We have a cold night. Or perhaps we’re just becoming ‘Soft as Shite’ but we did need the heater and the electric blanket.
We shop at the Woolies in Yeppoon and buy a Thermacell mozzie zapper. We were impressed with the one that R & S had and the mozzies have been like stealth bombers here. Powered by a tiny gas cylinder it emits a fine waft of insecticide.

Thermacell bug scarer

We walk the caravan park, choosing our preferred sites to notify the office when we book a site for next year. Paying a one-night deposit will at least secure our current site and we can only have a different site if the current winter tenants don’t rebook.

A walk on the beach and I’m surprised to see a number of small dead fish, the size of fat sardines. There are two land yachts scooting up and down the beach at a frenetic pace. I find a tiny bird’s egg amongst the detritus on the beach and pocket it for safekeeping so I can show the others. Later I meet Woody and give him a hug and a kiss before he heads off down the beach. Whoops…scrambled egg.

Mulambin Beach is popular with land yachties
I should have learned by now that eggs and pockets don’t mix



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