Breakdown Blues – Days 89 & 90 – Packing Up

Sept 2022, Mulambin, Qld

The park emptied out this morning. Staff are doing maintenance work, trimming trees, seeding lawns, and working on cabins. The season is over.

We’re slowly packing up. A bracing beach walk reveals hundreds of ‘By the Wind Sailors’ washed up in the shallows. They’re no larger than a 20cent piece and delicately beautiful.

By the Wind Sailor skimming on the last mm of water

We’re in the moving mindset now and mentally ticking off how long it will take to get home. Woody has been slowly packing away surplus tables and chairs. The Techni Ice fridge is now back in the car.

Today is washing day and Woody speeds things up by using the dryers. We had a lot of rain overnight and more is forecast. He takes the deflapper system down from the awning. That will come down later in the day. I empty the fridge drip tray, a job which is done every second day unless we want everything in the fridge to become soggy. I clean the van and wash the floors yet again. I wonder where the ants are, they seem to have disappeared. Did I kill them all with the last AntRid cocktail or are they just hibernating until the next campsite. Most likely the latter. Woody tops the car up with fuel.

I’ll miss the palm trees, there are so many varieties here and the park streets are named after palms, Coconut, Foxtail, Livingstonia, and so on.

We walk Rosslyn Bay then return to hitch up.

There’s plenty of lawn behind us so Woody hitches up and backs the van up a few feet so we can stay hooked on overnight.

We cook roast pork in the air fryer, so that we can have cold pork tomorrow on the road.

We’ll miss this place

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