A Meeniyan Moment – Day 2 – Oh rats!

Day 2 Thursday 5/1/2023 Meeniyan, warm

Outdoor dining at Meeniyan Pantry & Cellar

It’s a pleasant morning. We buy coffee in the main street and take it back for breakfast outside on the lawn. We’re lazing about contemplating what walks we’ll do and discussing Covid when I notice Woody making ‘grrr’ sounds. I suggest that perhaps he should take a RAT test and surprise, surprise! He’s positive and I’m not.

We pack up in record time and wave to Toothless and his Missus from the safety of the car. On the way home I book Woody into the local Respiratory Clinic and by the time we’re home he’s looking tired. He gets the once over from the doctor and his 40 anti-viral tablets from the chemist and settles into Lockdown No. whatever.

Towing Kms: 108kms

Next day – I test positive and it’s my turn to see the doc and pick up my anti-virals at arm’s length from the chemist. Then it’s off to bed for both of us to sleep and cough and sleep and cough for a week or more.

Some holiday that was. Thankfully Toothless and his Missus didn’t catch it again. They had the Covid experience in Broome last winter.


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