Historic Heathcote – Day 1 – Climate Changes

Heathcote was built on the wealth of the Victorian gold rush of the 1850’s but today’s gold can be found in the quality red wine that this dry region produces. The aim of our last visit here was to stay in the Queens Park caravan park and with a 2 day pass walk to the local wine festival. It seemed like a stellar idea to spend Saturday tasting whites and Sunday tasting reds. If I recall correctly we didn’t make it past Saturday and by Sunday had vowed never to touch the demon drink again. Bloody good wine show that one!

Day 1 Sunday 15/1/2023 Home to Heathcote

After a very hot night, it’s now overcast with ‘spitty’ rain. We debate which route to take, up the Lancefield road or the old Hume Highway through Kilmore…then, taking the Monash Freeway by mistake we skirt Tullamarine airport. The plane spotters are out, all parked under the northern runway approach anticipating each plane. Oh, how they would love sitting in the outdoor theatre in Broome where the planes fly so low you can see the panels of their undercarriage while you watch a movie.

All is well up through the Bulla Gorge but at Sunbury, we lose the plot. Has it only been a year or two since we were last out this way? The town has grown beyond belief and even Gabbi Garmin is flummoxed and insisting that we turn around and go home.

Eventually, we’re out of the suburban sprawl and stop at Lancefield to stretch our legs. It’s cold and a southerly blast hits us. It’s 14˚ and the doors marked Cows and Bulls at the toilet block are banging in the breeze. Lancefield is looking ‘Sunday drive’ cute and it must be cattle country.

It’s on now to one of our favourite roads, the 20 or so kilometre stretch of winding road north to Tooborac. This short stretch never fails to awe. Yellow paddocks, steep hills, and balancing granite outcrops. If only there was room to stop and take photos.

Lancefield Hay & Grain Store, obviously we’re not the only ones feeling the cold.

VeeWee is already ensconced in Queens Park Caravan Park at Heathcote having arrived a few days earlier. This time we step out of the car to a warm and windy 23˚. Toothless and his Missus roll in parking behind us and Elle is settling into a cabin. We have a long happy hour chasing the shade around the vans and checking the park for suitability for the next Christmas Muster. With two camp kitchens, one open air and the other closed in it really fits the bill weatherwise. Though the park is dry and dusty at present it is spotless. We cook chicken in the air fryer for dinner.

Accom: $34.00

Fuel $ 92.66

Towing Kms: 175kms

That’s it – between Seymour and Bendigo

7 thoughts on “Historic Heathcote – Day 1 – Climate Changes

      1. If you want a destination idea, the Bendigo Easter Festival is returning this year in all its pre-Covid glory. I think it will be Dai Gum Loong’s first solo outing since he arrived as a bright sparkly new dragon, a few years back.


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