Historic Heathcote – Day 2 – Walking the town

Day 2 Monday 16/1/2023 Heathcote, warm overcast

It was a cool night, and we overslept.

A warm pleasant morning means that we all take walks around town, up and down the long main street with its solid elegant buildings. There have to be 3 or maybe 4 wine outlets distributing the local product as many don’t have cellar door sales. I haven’t seen the town looking better. A fisherman is casting a line in the McIvor creek, we’re told that there are Red Fin in there. The cicadas (Red Eye) drone constantly playing merry hell with Woody’s hearing aids. To me, it’s just the sound of summer in inland Australia.

Heathcote pool, they’re just waiting for the lifeguard to come on duty
McIvor Creek, still showing signs of recent floods
Chauncy Restaurant (Govt. Surveyor’s office 1855)
Flour Mill (1869)
The rather colourful Mechanic’s Institute (1900)

In the afternoon, H arrives and moves into a cabin. We have a cold beer at the Commercial Hotel then return for happy hour and once more chase the shade around the vans. Eventually, we decide that our awning gives the best protection. It is such a perfect evening that we cook a steak on Toothless’ BBQ, bring out the tables and tablecloths, and eat outside …with our priceless view of the toilet block. The ‘roos shyly creep out from the surrounding bush to graze on the lawn.

Accom: $34.00

Sadly having bitten the dust or steel – Red Eye cicada


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