Historic Heathcote – Day 3 – A summer storm

Day 3 Tuesday 17/1/2023 Heathcote, hot 37˚

It’s a very warm morning, warm enough to eat breakfast outside and even chase the shade. Cockatoos are squawking and of course, the cicadas drone at high decibels. There are dozens of cabbage moths and butterflies along with dragonflies they seem to be a signature for this summer. Perhaps the winter floods caused this abundance.

I take the walk through the liquid amber forest, past the swing bridge to the old powder magazine realising that it’s already too hot for walking. Woody on the other hand drives to the IGA supermarket for sushi and a BBQ chook. Much more sensible.

Old swing bridge, Heathcote, Vic
A horse-drawn cart showing its age, Powder Magazine Reserve
A relic of the gold rush, the powder magazine

We’re sitting inside appreciating the air conditioning when Toothless suggests a drive across to Lake Eppalock. It looks so different from the last time we saw it. Back then everything was closed up and the lake was dried up to all but an ankle-deep pool. Now it is brim full and the spillway road has been partially washed away by the power of the floods.

It’s nice to see Lake Eppalock full again
Part of the spillway road washed away

Back at camp, a storm threatens so we eat in the comfort of the camp kitchen. Thunder claps and rain thumps for about an hour. It’s hard to talk over the noise. A large wet kangaroo lopes by.

Accom: $34.00


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