Historic Heathcote – Day 4 – Upskilling

Day 4 Wednesday 18/1/2023 Heathcote, cool 23˚

It was a humid night but the morning is refreshingly cool.

VeeWee gives Elle a drive of her Winnebago and she handles it with ease. They even get into a bit of awning practice. If Elle decides to change from the caravan to a motorhome she shouldn’t have any problems.

Getting the hang of it

Toothless and his Missus take a walk up to the Pink Cliffs. Relishing in the cooler weather we all take short walks.

Heathcote’s Pink Cliffs from an earlier visit

We have our happy hour in the enclosed camp kitchen, yes it certainly is suitable for a Christmas muster whatever the weather throws at us. We wander up to the Commercial Hotel for dinner. The lamb cutlets are good, very good. Passionate publicans Grant and Michael have given the dining room a quirky makeover with jungle prints and polished silverware. One even has an elephant tattoo to match those pictures on the wall.

It’s twilight as we cross the bridge fish are jumping in the creek and cicadas are nose-diving into the grass like spitfires. The weather has turned cold.

Accom: $34.00 Fuel: $60.01


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