Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 3 – Local Knowledge is best

Day 3 Saturday 11/2/2023 Heyfield, hot 33˚

Not what you’d call a jaw-dropping view

It’s a misty morning and a little cool. Last week I’d had a cuppa with the little boy who used to live next door but one, he’s 69 now and no longer the little bloke in short pants. I asked if his sister J still lived somewhere around Heyfield and to my surprise, she is living only a few blocks from the RV campground. This morning I texted her for a catchup and we met down at the bakery over a coffee. Having not seen each other for about 60 years there was quite a bit to talk about. Of course, being caravanners too we all spoke the same language. She had married a local lad and they’d lived and worked all around the country before settling in Heyfield. We share a passion for history and genealogy, and they related the tale of how they wanted to visit the Portland cemetery but had the van on the back. A funeral was in progress, so they had to wait for the mourners to disperse before towing the caravan through the cemetery. If only those descendants knew!

Back at camp a few more of our crew have arrived and once more we get to catch up on more news in the shade. Woody orders pizza from the place recommended by J, and we all give it the tick of approval. You can always trust that local knowledge. It’s the one opposite the bakery, by the way.

It tasted a whole lot better than it looked!

A strong wind picks up from the south and there’s a bit of umming and aahing around the camp as to whether awnings should be pulled in or not. For the sake of a good night’s sleep, they all get pulled in. No one likes having to bring the awning in in the middle of the night in their undies. We sit outside chatting until it gets too cold.

Accom: $5.00


3 thoughts on “Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 3 – Local Knowledge is best

  1. No one likes bringing in the awning in their undies in the middle of the night.. but it has been done many times haha
    Good to see your blog is still going!


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