Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 7 – Sipping & Savouring

Day 7 Wednesday 15/2/2023 Nicholson, Warm

Woody was up early and bouncing in and out of the caravan helping the boys cook breakfast in the camp kitchen. It’s a warm morning and the sun streams in, the boys dart back and forth and hover over hot plates. Bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, and plentiful squirts of tomato sauce are on the menu. Yum!

Afterward, we laze about, but have you ever tried to do a Sudoku whilst being attacked by mozzies? C & J had plans to visit Lakes Entrance but their car won’t start. The old girl (the car) gets towed away and they get a loan car for a few days until the problem is resolved. R & A toddle off to celebrate their 54th anniversary at a restaurant and the rest of us spend a few pleasant hours tasting wine at Nicholson River Winery nearby. The view is divine, and it is rather pleasant sipping and savouring the view of the valley from the deck.

Nicholson River Winery

While in Paynesville yesterday I forgot to take any photos so with VeeWee and ‘Mother of Pearl’ on board (Pearl by the way is a long-haired chihuahua who is sporting a buzzcut for summer) we pop back down to Paynesville. The girls have just discovered that they used to live in the same street on Raymond Island so there is much talk about the hassles of making the last ferry after an evening on the mainland.

Raymond Island ferry
Raymond Island from Paynesville

Back at camp happy hour is in full swing and the last of our group has finally arrived. Who would have thought that bowls would come before a trip away? We have a lot of sausages left over from this morning, enough to cook Democracy sausages with mustard and cheese for all.

Accom: $20.00

Democracy sausages? It’s an Aussie tradition for charity groups to sell a sausage in bread to voters as they leave the polling booths on election days. It makes the day fun, tuck into a Democracy sausage then settle in to see which team wins on the TV that night. Oh, bring on the next election.


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