Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 8 – Flatty Tails & Flopping About

Day 8 Thursday 16/2/2023 Nicholson, hot 34˚

It’s a warm night and I’m woken in the early morning by the noise of a possum banging the open roof hatch, trampolining on the flywire, playing with the TV aerial, and stomping about in general. I’m sure those little devils wear hob-nailed boots. I get up and bang on the ceiling and he takes off but not before giving the roof hatch another shove.

Woody, who due to his deafness, has heard nothing of the possum shenanigans. He goes for an early morning swim in the pool and when dried off realises that the minuscule white plastic tip of his hearing aid is stuck deep in his ear. This is where head torches come to the fore, or is it the forehead? And armed with a pair of skinny tweezers I manage to extricate it from his ear.

Ready for a pub lunch, we all drive down to the Nicholson Hotel to sample their Aussie / Chinese menu. It’s cucumber cool inside with a view of the river. This time we can’t pass up the local specialty Flatty Tails (that’s flathead, it’s a fish, and Lakes Entrance flatties are particularly good).

Nicholson Jetty, across the road from the pub.

We spend the afternoon flopping around the pool and although the muster is technically over, this place is so relaxing that those without time constraints book another night. On second thoughts, maybe it’s relaxing because although we’re close to a major town, we have no TV, phone or internet reception!

Happy hour is spent chasing the shade like some weird version of musical chairs and slurping ice creams kindly provided by R & B.

Accom: $20.00

Lakes Bushland Caravan Park, Nicholson, Vic

6 thoughts on “Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 8 – Flatty Tails & Flopping About

    1. Very satisfying thanks Derrick. Melburnians have been blessed with a plethora of Asian food which means that we can’t be away from home for long without someone muttering “Oh, I’m hanging for Asian.” Thus, just the sight of a menu declaring both Australian and Chinese dishes was enough to cause contented murmurings.😋

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