Nicking off to Nicholson – Day 9 – Bluff & Bluster

Day 9 Friday 17/2/2023 Nicholson, hot 36˚

With our formal muster over, most of our caravan club members head for home. It is preferable to stay put rather than take a longish drive on a hot day. The weather, however, behaves unexpectedly. During breakfast, we have a half-hour shower of heavy rain cooling things down quite markedly.

A bunch of us decide to visit Metung and have lunch at the legendary Metung Pub. The sky is now blue, there’s a light breeze and the moored boats looked very inviting. Lunch overlooking Bancroft Bay gets a tick of approval from us all. Afterward, we take a drive around the lakeshore and drool at the homes up on the bluff. Swans and fluffy singlets cygnets paddle about in the shallows.

At happy hour we find a rare patch of lawn and sit and chat while King parrots wheel overhead and baby galahs grizzle in their nests. That owl is still hooting with the precision of a Swiss clock. A thunderstorm threatens, sending us scuttling but this one is all lightning and thunder with barely any rain.

Accom: $20.00

All bluff and bluster

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