Don’t Mention the ‘L’ Word

Woody’s brother has been staying with us for a few days. That’s Woody the Elder. Being an old caravanner he’s been sleeping on our van for old time’s sake, whilst visiting. During breakfast the other morning he wanders in and casually says “You know you’ve got a leak.” Not “You know you’ve gotta leak…” But “You know you’ve got a leak.” Mid mouthful of muesli I’ve dropped the spoon and we’ve all headed for the door.

Overnight it had rained, no pelted with rain, for hours. Woody the Elder being from the tropics probably thought it was just heavy mist but to us it was torrential. Obviously the caravan felt the same way because just behind the bed things were a little damp. The culprit? Well it appears to be a running light on the outside that needs a slurp of silicon and certainly before the next downpour.

Slightly damp headboard

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