Techni Ice Fridge

Last year we bought a Techni Ice fridge after realizing that keeping the beer in the caravan fridge wasn’t ideal. Either the vegetables were perfect and the beer not cold enough or the beer perfectly chilled and the vegetables frozen. In fact on one trip some small round tomatoes morphed into rock hard red billiard balls that had to be quickly dispatched into a bolognaise sauce.

There was a lot of consideration as to which way to go 12 volt or ice box and eventually the ice box won. Why? Because there is nothing better than an icy, cold beer.

It costs us one bag of ice every three or four days and block ice when it is available, is a bonus because it lasts much longer. Even with crushed ice the fridge will develop a thick crust of ice on top and Woody now complains of bruised hands from breaking the crust.

He tells me that he has had 8 days out of one block of ice. That’s pretty good considering that the temperature while we were in the North West was consistently around 30°c each day. The beer is always icy cold and of course the ice box doesn’t draw any power.

Breaking the ice crust on the Techni Ice Fridge

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