Morven, Qld

The girls of Morven

As we drive we are talking about how we’re becoming overwhelmed by all of the experiences that we’ve had on this, our trip through Western Qld and as we pull up at the Augathella Road junction we see a kangaroo just standing there watching the traffic. We round the next bend into the little town of Morven and there is a crowd of people sitting in the sun having morning tea. They all wave vigorously and as we pull over a pocket rocket in yellow called Dulcie runs up to my window. It happens to be the town’s “Longest Morning Tea” for cancer. We follow Dulcie and hoe into home-baked goodies and real brewed tea and even buy some biscuits to take away. They’re a great bunch of people and having a grand old time. As we pull away from the kerb Dulcie is still running back and forth waving down caravans. You wouldn’t want to call Dulcie a geriatric!

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