Ravenshoe, Qld

Ravenshoe Station Camp
Ravenshoe Railway Station Camp

Leaving Atherton we continue to climb through thick beech forests until we reach cleared farmland and Windy Hill wind farm. We settle in at the Ravenshoe Railway Station camp, which costs us a fair $15 for a powered site. We certainly can’t complain about that. Our water tap is on the wall of the station building and on one side of us is the Men’s shed in an old railway building. On the other side our door opens to a pretty garden and the disused railway tracks. There are a lot of vans here and it is charmingly quirky.

“Please close the door to keep the toads and moths out”….says the sign in the Ravenshoe Railway Station toilets.

This is Queensland’s highest town and we are at an altitude of 930 metres and there is a cloud sitting on Ravenshoe. It rains and rains so we walk up the main street to find something for lunch and are seduced by the menu board at the Club Hotel. Not a lot of pubs do lunches up this way, certainly not as many as the pubs further south. Now it’s not the highest pub in Queensland, because that honour goes to the Tully Falls Hotel just across the road. But the Club is doing a roaring trade with lunch goers and they even do take away. We order the lamb roast that we’ve been dreaming about for days. The young publican bounces his toddler on his hip, while his wife cooks. “There ya go guys and here are some tools (cutlery).” We demolish it in record time.

The rain continues to fall and everything is warm, wet, soggy and muddy.

Tully Falls Hotel
Tully Falls Hotel, Queensland’s highest pub

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