In Search of Cassowaries


We have plenty of time to meander so we visit Mission Beach in Far North Queensland (humourously called FNQ up here). The drive in is through thick rainforest a mass of vines. There are signs, one after another warning us.”Cassowaries cross here”. “Cassowaries have been seen crossing here recently”. How recently? We ask. “Speeding has killed Cassowaries”. OK, we get the message but we don’t see any.

Two days and many more warning signs later, we drive out to Port Coquette which overlooks both Innisfail and the river mouth. High above the town in a cow paddock stands a Cassowary, at last we’ve found one of the blighters!

Frankly, I’m glad that he is behind a fence!

And while we’re on the subject of FNQ:

In Far North Queensland the beer of choice is FNQ Lager and the bar signs loudly declare…”So good you have to FNQ for it”.



6 thoughts on “In Search of Cassowaries

    1. They are awesome birds and by digesting rainforest seeds they ensure the future of the forest. But, they have an enormously long toe on each foot that supposedly can slit one open quicker than a surgeon’s knife! Myth or not? I’m not going to be the one to find out.

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  1. Love the Cassowary, it is such a beautiful bird but you are very right!!! Very Dangerous, even remember as a kid my dad telling us about these gorgeous vicious beasts. Prefer to meet up with a emu anyday:)

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