Keeping Your Vitals Up To Date

Now here’s a post that will confuse the heck out of the international readers but a friend recently reminded me of this important pre requisite for senior caravanners most of whom are living with a chronic illness.

There is a health programme in Australia called Chronic Disease Management Plan.  The advantage of this scheme is a regular visit for a check up by your physician and the chance for you both to discuss your health and the results as determined by the relevant specialists that you are visiting. It is also a chance to get prescriptions for your medications prior to travelling and flu shots before the winter sets in.

For travellers the ‘win/ win’ is the booklet that your GP gives you listing all of your medical conditions and details of your medication. My friend was taken ill while travelling and was too sick to tell the hospital what medication that she was taking for her other conditions.

I have enough trouble trying to pronounce the names of my medications let alone how many micrograms I take each day. I certainly wouldn’t expect Woody to know what all those little pills are.

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