Not Your Average Caravan Park

The Jondaryan Woolshed was built between 1859 and 1861 and was once part of the Jondaryan Estates pastoral empire which in the 1890’s encompassed 300,000 acres and was the largest freehold station in Queensland. Nowadays it’s a working museum run by the local community and skilled volunteers.

We’re camped behind the big old woolshed with power and there are taps for water if we need to top up our tanks. Unwanted buildings have been moved here from all around the district to give a feel for life in days gone by. We have tea and damper under a thatched lean-to and learn how to crack a whip. Our lessons are courtesy of a Tasmanian volunteer whip maker who winters here annually. We chat with some of the volunteers who restore the farm machinery, trucks, tractors, engines, even windmills. The wrangler is exercising one of the draft horses in the camping area and tells us that ‘Legsy’, a magnificent beast, weighs about a tonne. One poor woman shrieks that her caravan is much the same weight. This is a homely place there are sheep, chooks, cats and sheep dogs as well as the horses.




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