Gulargambone Caravan Park

It rains solidly all afternoon, steady soaking rain, a blessing for farmers who’ve had a parched July of record high winter temperatures.

Gulargambone Caravan Park

The Gulargambone Caravan Park has a purpose built tin shed that houses a camp kitchen and a large fire pit for get togethers. By the time that we are settled most of the vanners are in the shed enjoying the warmth and sheltering from the rain. A hollow log is suspended above a small fire and acting as a chimney, a clever way to heat the space. Our hosts David and Bernadette provide hot soup and damper to a room full of happy campers. Twice a week they put on a renowned $10 roast and on the other nights happy hour food. As we warm our feet and faces the rain clears and a flock of galahs settle high in a gumtree to catch the last rays of sunset. Welcome to Gulargambone.

Where’s Gulargambone? Oh for God’s sake just Google it!


Gulargambone Caravan Park

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