2828 Cafe

Gulargambone is a little bigger than expected, not to say that it is a big town (395 in 2011) and the caravan park is well away from the Castlereagh highway.

Gulargambone has a lot of older empty shops and a few less than salubrious houses from a busier era. We buy souvenir bags from the friendly girls at the volunteer run gift shop and are lured into the 2828 (the postcode) Cafe by the smell of delicious food in what was once the town hall. A charming young woman runs the business and bakes fluffy scones, the coffee is good and the banana muffins warm and yummy. We sit in the courtyard in the winter sunshine and chat to a fellow vagabond, Al from Hay who just happens to have dropped by in need of a chin wag. Behind the cafe is a large grassy park and the presently dry Castlereagh River. Dotted all about town are amusing corrugated iron galahs, just letting us know where we are and that this is a little town that wants to survive.


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