Tahbilk Wetlands

Being on the banks of the Goulburn River the good folks at Chateau Tahbilk winery near Nagambie in Central Victoria have preserved a wonderful wetland area amidst their many hectares of vines. You’ll find that there are several kilometres of walking tracks, boardwalks and bridges spanning the swamplands and billabongs.

Lily ponds, eucalypts and numerous types of blooming wattle had us trudging, hopping, sniffing and photographing with sheer delight and what a pleasant way to cap off a lunch or a spot of wine tasting.

Tahbilk wetlands, Vic
Tahbilk wetlands, Vic
Tahbilk wetlands, Vic
Tahbilk wetlands, Vic
Tahbilk wetlands, Vic
Tahbilk wetlands, Vic



8 thoughts on “Tahbilk Wetlands

  1. I remember when they first set that trail up, along with the cafe. I was working in regional Vic and used to call in for lunch on my way back to Melbourne. Great way to spend some time on a perfect autumn day!. I was a bit miffed though that they charged a fee to walk around the trail, do they still charge a fee?


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