Chateau Tahbilk

It is by no means the oldest vineyard in Australia but Chateau Tahbilk’s heritage stretches back to its first vintage in 1861. It went on to boast international awards. When the phylloxera outbreak destroyed vines around the world some Chateau Tahbilk vines survived and are still bearing to this day.

1860 vines, Chateau Tahbilk, Vic

In 1925 the Purbrick family purchased the estate and younger generations continue to nurture it.

To me the name Tahbilk is synonymous with the Marsanne variety of which it has the world’s largest planting. I can still remember my first sip of Tahbilk Marsanne back in the 1980’s, the heavy timber floor of the historic tasting room, the deliciously musty smell of the cellar below.

Last month we visited the Nagambie region again and Chateau Tahbilk is looking better than ever. A grand avenue of Mulberry trees led us to that wonderful old tasting room. The smell of the tasting room is still worth bottling and the cellar is open to anyone wanting to see vineyard history first hand.

Newer additions to the estate are a restaurant and a wetlands walk but more about that after I’ve sampled the latest acquisition…

13 thoughts on “Chateau Tahbilk

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! No visit to Ngambie is complete without a visit to Tahbilk. In fact I can hardy drive up the Hume without diverting to that marvelous cellar and tasting their latest Shiraz offering! Great photos!!


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