Eulo Bore

What’s a bore? Underneath the dry heart of Australia you’ll find the Great Artesian Basin. Yep, there’s another ‘Great’ gee we’ve got a lot of ‘Great’ things dotted about this country. The Great Artesian Basin is the largest and deepest in the world and covers an area of 1.7 million Kmwhich equates to 22% of the continent* Outback towns and cattle stations rely on these bores for their water supply and for watering their livestock.

The Eulo bore in South Western Queensland was sunk in 1966 to a depth of 223 metres. The water which is the town’s water supply is a warm 38˚C when it reaches the surface.


Image Source: Wikipedia, By Tentotwo – Basin extent: Geoscience Australia Revised Great Artesian Basin Jurassic-Cretaceous boundaryCoastline, rivers, state borders: Natural Earth dataset, 1:50MShaded relief: Kenneth Townsend, Shaded Relief Archive, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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