Follow the Sun, Day 14 Tannum Sands

Day 14 27/7/2019 Saturday, Tannum Sands, sunny 24

It was a warm night with the sound of the ocean and a lonely mopoke. It’s so nice to sleep in, at last there’s no travelling and nothing to do but explore our new surroundings. That is one of the best feelings in this caravanning caper.

Wild Cattle Creek, Tannum Sands, Qld

Thus we have a lazy morning and at low tide I and a lot of other people wade across the creek to Wild Cattle Island and the ocean beach. People are walking, daydreaming and beach combing. I’ve decided that next time I have to fill out some semi official form with my occupation, rather than write ‘retired’ I’m going to put ‘beach comber’. It’s a bright clear morning and the beach is awash with driftwood, dead trees and curiosities. I find a dedicated seat on the island, no doubt in remembrance to someone who loved this spot.

A lasting memory

After lunch we drive up to the lookout and count 7 ships waiting to enter Gladstone port which is well protected by islands. We drive around the streets of both towns (Tannum Sands and Boyne Island) and find ourselves in the middle of a fire brigade burn off. Being the weekend the Boyne River is busy with pleasure craft and some houses on the island have absolute river frontage which must be priceless. On the Tannum Sands side parklands stretch to Canoe Point at the river mouth, there’s a lake, shady lawns and picnic areas with shelters and bbq’s.

Tannum sands, Qld
Winter burn off on Boyne Island, Qld

Back at camp we are entertained once more by our flock of turkeys racing helter skelter across the park, each in an effort to have any semblance of food all to themselves.

Summary 0kms, water, toilets, showers, Accom $29.70, brush turkeys

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