Mulambin Mumblings – Beachcombing it’s a craft

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

High and dry Ross Creek, Yeppoon, Qld

I take a walk along Yeppoon beach collecting flotsam, this is a good driftwood beach for small craft pieces and I can feel a project coming on, to the mouth of the creek where boats are waiting for the incoming tide.

 Another walk, this time along Mulambin beach with a mate looking for flotsam and I find a small cowrie now that is promising.

I’ve started to notice that the shower is fast becoming the craft room as I collect bits from the beach and prepare to make something of them.

We decide on Fried Rice for dinner and while Woody runs into Yeppoon to pick up some BBQ pork I take to Mulambin Beach for another long walk. I’m chalking up the kilometres but not losing the kilos, I wonder why?

Tide line Mulambin Beach, Qld. There’s buried treasure out there…

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