Mulambin Mumblings – To Netflix with love

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

We drive into Rockhampton to do some shopping, lots of bits and pieces in fact, which has us darting back and forth across town following the dulcet tones of Google Maps. Booze, bread, coffee beans, craft twine*, fruit and vegies from the fruit barn and a new hairdryer as ours has burnt out. Then in a rush of excitement in the electrical store (perhaps we’ve been in the bush too long) we buy a Google Chromecast dongle thingy.

Why Chromecast? Well we’re getting old and soft and watching more TV these days and have found ourselves wishing we could get Netflix when we’re away. Diesel heaters, Television we are getting soft. Anyway, in some places we have found ourselves with phone and internet reception but no TV reception so why not.

That put paid to the afternoon for me as all our devices needed synching to the new toy. In a nutshell the Chromecast plugs into our old digital but certainly not smart TV to make it Smart. The Chromecast gizmo picks up the internet via our on board WiFi Nighthawk Modem and an iPhone is used as the remote control. Yippee now we can get iView and we will get Netflix…when I remember our password.

 *Craft twine? I can feel a project coming on.


The Chromecast dongle plugs into the HDMI port on the tele.

One thought on “Mulambin Mumblings – To Netflix with love

  1. Great idea to get a dongle even though it does sound slightly ridiculous. So much to watch on Netflix that you’ll soon be spoilt for choice. We watch when we can if our hosts have it of course. One thing we wish though is that we had made a list of all of the films we’d ever watched on it as we forget and often start watching the same things again …… age eh?

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