Nambucca Noodlings – A small world & a star of a pub

Sep 2019, Nambucca Heads, NSW

It’s too windy to venture out and we’re really feeling the cold (19 degrees). It’s surprising what a difference just a few degrees can make when you’ve become acclimatized to the warmth.

Toothless and his Missus have visitors. A couple from South Australia are parked a few vans away and recognize the van they sold to them 6 years ago. Or should I say they recognized the bike rack.

As a respite from the cold we drive down to Macksville to check out Gumma Reserve free camp (where I might add there is no cold wind) and have lunch at the Star Hotel overlooking the Nambucca River. She’s a grand old weatherboard pub and the meal as we’d suspected is tops. Of course we choose the lamb cutlets (this really is becoming the lamb cutlet & pineapple jam tour). If only every town had a Star Hotel.

Next stop is the Macksville butcher and as always he tempts us, this time with Viking Cutlets which turn out to be Scotch Fillet on the bone and look so good that we toss them in the freezer to take home to treat with respect.

Star Hotel, Macksville from the old highway bridge

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