Willy Weather App

Beachcombing requires a sturdy pair of legs and an awareness of tides and that’s where the Willy Weather app comes in. With caravanning when you often find yourself in a different region every other day you need to keep a ‘weather eye’ out for changing conditions and dangerous weather. For us normally living in Victoria most weather comes from the west. Plain and simple, just watch what’s happening in Adelaide and sooner or later we’ll get it, just a little milder. However, when you move about the country you realise that things aren’t as simple for other folks, there are oceans and mountain ranges that also come into play. When my family lived in Tasmania, I never got used to the TV weather presenter forecasting ‘confused seas’ off the coast. I wonder if they’re still confused?

That’s where the Willy Weather app not only gives the weather forecast and likelihood of rain but, tides and swell, winds, UV conditions, moon details and sun information. Sunrise and Sunset and handy for the amateur photographer First and Last Light.

Give it a try and next time that you’re wondering whether to pull the awning in or not, just ask Willy how strong the gusts will be.

Willy Tide
Checking the tides on Willy Weather app
Willy Wind
Tracking the wind speed and liklihood of more on Willy Weather
The eleven metre tides at Derby wharf bring everyone out to admire the power of nature

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