Heyfield RV Stop Spot

Nov 2019, Heyfield, Vic

Just 22kms north of Rosedale, Heyfield in Victoria’s Gippsland region is larger than we had imagined. There’s a pub, two cafes, Chinese and Indian restaurants, a baker and a butcher who is a new bloke to the town. The Heyfield RV Stop Spot is on the defunct recreation reserve. Local businesses have refurbished it with a modern toilet and shower block, a dump point and a herb garden for our enjoyment. The cost to travellers is a donation and $1 per shower. Because it’s in the heart of town you can stay hooked on. There’s a 48hour limit and it is dog friendly. For those who enjoy town walks and houses and gardens there is an abundance of well-tended country cottages. The wetland walk is not to be missed. Most importantly though the nights are blissfully quiet.

Heyfield RV Stop Spot
Heyfield’s new amenities block, dump point, herb garden and an info shelter

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