Banned on the Run, Day 46 – Soggy

Day 46 Sunday 26/7/20 Wooli, Soggy

Even the ducks are building arks, we’ve had 106mm today.

The teeming rain woke us at 2:30am. Under the bed we’ve found more water but it’s definitely a leaking hot water fitting which is quickly tightened (I only wish was that Woody hadn’t wandered off to answer the phone which he couldn’t hear anyway rather than holding the bed up for me, thankfully the gas struts held).

It pours all morning with only one break when it suddenly turned hot and the mozzies came out.

We watch the creek behind us as it slowly rises. The river is high, the park office is marooned and can only be accessed with gum boots and VeeWee’s site is half under water. Otherwise we fare well.

The rain stops around 4:00pm and we decide to go to the pub next door, sometimes you really crave a full sized room in a real building, it might sound strange but there is so much water that we have to drive the few metres to the pub. Covid entry to the pub has now been updated rather than signing in with our name and phone number we now scan a QR code and log in. That makes sense but it may cause confusion when I realise that I’ve logged Woody in under my phone and me under his. Oh, give me a drink. The smell of the kitchen is seductive and we buy pizzas to take home.

NSW has declared they will go back into lockdown if Covid case numbers reach 250 per day.

There’s talk on the radio that the QLD border will close to NSW folk. Melbourne Covid case numbers are still high and our mate R who is now sunning himself in QLD reckons that they’ll be stuck in Qld so long that he’s tethered a Brush Turkey to the back bumper of the van for Xmas dinner.

We can see the creek rising from our window

7 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 46 – Soggy

  1. Give me a wet day in a caravan park any day. than being stuck here on the Mornington Peninsula with curfews and travel max of 5kms


    1. Yes, mosquitoes. We like to shorten most names here, it’s a sort of term of endearment. Mosquitoes, mozzies. Sandflies, midges. Snakes, joe Blake’s oh damn that’s rhyming slang. Sharks, Noah’s arks oh bugger there’s another.😱


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