Banned on the Run, Day 56 – Masking Up

Day 56 Wednesday 5/8/20 Evans Head, warm 24

A quick trip into Ballina for fish from the co-op and a few Aldi essentials means masking up especially at the fresh fish shop which is chaotic at the best of times.

Elle has been into the sewing basket and working on a Covid wardrobe

On the Evans River, water dragons sun themselves on the rocks. As I angle to get a photo a chap calls out “Watch out or he’ll run up your leg!” Now I don’t know if they do that or not but I’m not taking any chances.

It’s a mild evening and we cook crumbed pork cutlets from the local butcher. On the scale of quality butchers this guy is rocketing up our country butcher chart.

The QLD Premier will be closing the border to all of NSW as of 1:00am Saturday. Woody the Elder and The Very Good Golfer cancel their booking rather than face 2 weeks in hotel quarantine at their own expense. Bugger, we came so close to catching up. Looks like we’ll have to knock off those dim sims.

Cheeky Water Dragon, eyeing off my old tree stump legs

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