Banned on the Run, Day 89 – RTFM!

Day 89 Monday 7/9/20 Darlington Beach, cool 21

There was a little rain overnight but we didn’t hear it, I must have slept heavily and Woody certainly wouldn’t have heard a thing. The sun is trying to break through again. We’ve got lorikeets and butcher birds visiting us along with the plovers and ducks.

We drive to Woopi with the intention of booking haircuts but decide to leave it another week as hairdressers will be closed when we return home.

As usual kangaroos mosey in at happy hour.

We hear from VeeWee she has made it home and although caravan parks are closed in Victoria she was able to free camp in Seymour.

The boys bbq steaks and we have potato and ham croquettes on the side.

After happy hour when our neighbours have left Woody solemnly asks us not to go as he has something important to tell us. His exact words I cannot remember as I am so shocked I can only shout expletives. Put simply, he read his hearing aid instruction manual this afternoon and learnt how to turn them up! Two hospital visits, a doctor, 2 ear clinic visits and he hadn’t altered the hearing aid volume! He did mention that being a man meant that he wasn’t required to read instructions. Oh and he’s had this pair of hearing aids for more than a year.

Growing up to become a Masked Lapwing Plover

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