Banned on the Run, Day 90 – Feeling guilty

Day 90 Tuesday 8/9/20 Darlington Beach, patchy cloud 22

A rather lazy day. Woody shops early and I lie in trying to finish a good book.

El Prado drives us up to Red Rock. We have an ice cream in the park overlooking the inlet. The caravan park is about three quarters full. They’re trading nicely.

A & P ring from home and they’re very depressed about the lockdown. As they speak there is a council worker out front of their house booking a windsurfer. I would have thought that to be a socially distanced activity. A has been asked to move on when talking at a distance to friends in a park. Madam Secretary rings at happy hour she too is at her wits end.

Talking to friends and family at home is difficult. We feel guilty for being away, safer, having fun and friends to share good times with. To hear our loved ones at home sounding so desperate it’s heartbreaking. Every phone call ends with “Whatever you do, don’t come home, we can’t see you anyway.”

The inlet at Red Rock, NSW

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