It’s a long way to the top, Day 87 – Carlo Point

Day 87 Sunday Aug 31st 2014 Maryborough to Rainbow Beach

We had a cold night and there is dew on the lawn this morning. It is a short drive to Rainbow Beach and we’re camped only 3kms out of town at Rainbow Waters Caravan Park at Carlo Point. Thanks to Shirley’s instructions we’ve got camp site B on the waterfront well back and behind the formal caravan park. It is sandy and well treed. The township of Tin Can Bay is across the inlet in the distance. There is a boat ramp a few pontoons and a small cafe.

Carlo Point, Qld

We drive out to Inskip Point and the Fraser Island barge departure point. The barge is pulled up on the thick sand and there are cars parked at random all over the beach. The rules that allow people to drive on the beach here make for very happy fishermen who can park beside their rods.

Inskip Point and Fraser Island barge

In the evening we build a campfire and enjoy the serenity as the sun sets across the inlet. It isn’t cold but there are a million midges. We wear mozzie bracelets as advised by a mate in Cairns and a lather of Bushman’s spray.

When Woody crawls into bed feeling utterly ghastly we quickly realise that he is allergic to the mozzie bracelet. Yep, there is one thing worse than midges.

Towing Kms: 83Kms

Rainbow Beach region, an interesting area

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