Capricorn Dancers, Day 27 – What’s the vet been up to?

Day 27 Tuesday 22/6/21 Kenilworth, overcast 20 a brief shower

It’s a little cooler this morning. Woody reads in the sun while I prop myself up against the fence and sketch the other side of the police house.

Leadlight glass above a shop

We pack up in readiness for leaving tomorrow and manage to beat the brief shower of rain. Preferring not to cook on board tonight we walk up to the pub to try their smokehouse offerings.

The dining room is straight out of the fifties with glass panelled doors that remind me of the house I grew up in. There’s a staircase leading to the upper floor, on the wall is a display of wedding photos taken on that very staircase. Such a touching memento. The pub brews its own beer and smokes its own meat. While we munch through our juicy pulled pork brisket burgers a bunch of local guys arrive at the next table. They’re dairy farmers and they meet weekly for Schnitty (Schnitzel / parmigiana / parmie / parma depending on which state you are from) Nite. One guy is new to the group and getting a ribbing from the staff for being a Schnitty virgin. It was hard for us not to laugh when one was explaining the personality of one of his cows that went off to market. The twinkle in her eye, her dislike of the cattle crush, ‘Kick, kick, kick’. I think he’ll miss her. Then the vet rings, he’s on his way and he’s on speaker for everyone to hear. One of the wags shouts “You better wash your arm first it’s bound to have been up a cow!” They banter with the chef about having joke telling on Schnitty Nite and not wanting to upset anybody. “At least there won’t be any vegetarians here.” They say.

Kenilworth Hotel, Qld
Wedding photos taken on this staircase, Kenilworth Hotel

When we’re in the caravan I love sitting up late and listening to the night sounds. Sometimes like tonight there are none, nothing, nada…Then I wonder, there are about 60 vans here, that’s a hundred or so grannies snoring. Caravans must be well insulated these days cos they’ll all be snoring and farting melodiously or is that malodorously?

Accom: $22.00

Towing Kms: 0

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