A Marlo Muster – lost in another world

Day 2 Monday 14/2/22 Kilcunda, sunny 28

I fly out of bed to catch the dawn, but it is a little grey and overcast. I lock eyes with a rabbit then we both duck back to bed.

The cloud melts away into a perfectly calm day. A quick walk on the beach and I find something as rare as hen’s teeth for these cool southern beaches – a tiny wee cowrie, quite possibly the smallest I’ve ever found.

Kilcunda towards Cape Woolamai

We pile into the car and drive into ‘The Thagg’ (Wonthaggi) for some much-needed shopping, beer. This town just keeps on growing and no doubt Covid has helped. Wonthaggi is one of those towns that is well serviced yet far enough from the city to provide sweeping rural views.

The afternoon is ideal for beach walks with interludes of reading and snoozing. Walking the countless rock pools, it’s easy to let your mind run free. I pass another engrossed chap and mutter “Endless fascination”. With that, he props and talks about how he’s been transported back to his childhood and the joy of discovering these minute worlds. He wonders whether the fish remain in the same pools even when the tide comes in and we both ponder the harshness of life in a rock pool and the cycle of life beneath our feet. We both wander off deep in our own thoughts. Crikey, I should have just said ”G’day”.

A thousand tiny worlds

There’s a slight cool breeze at happy hour as we discuss the upcoming muster. Woody cooks Naan bread pizzas in the air fryer, they’re so easy and tasty. Perfect after a day at the beach. The sunset tonight is dull as a band of mist hugs the horizon.

Accom: $40.00

Kilcunda towards Wonthaggi
And the much-photographed trestle bridge

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