A Marlo Muster, and a pub with a view

Day 8 Sunday 20/2/22 Marlo, 31 by mid-morning

This town and the caravan park are winning us over. I walk up to the river mouth lookout and chat with a couple from Camperdown, in the west of the state, they are thrilled with the beauty of this area ad are making their way north-east towards the Sapphire Coast. Woody is out clocking up a few more k’s and ‘I’ is back from the hospital and giving plenty of cheek, as he always does.

Snowy River mouth at Marlo, Vic

After a quick trip into Orbost, a bunch of us get together for a ukulele jam aka unholy racket, in the afternoon. We all meet at the Marlo pub for dinner in the evening. The pub which looks rather ordinary from the street has a huge deck and a beach pub vibe. Maybe that’s because of the salt tang in the air or the old white weatherboard building, or the glorious sunset over the river and its islands, or perhaps it’s a combination of all these things. The huge plate of gummy shark and chips which is pretty damned good adds to the vibe too.

Accom: $30.00

19th century slab hut, Orbost
Ringside seats for the sunset on Marlo pub lawn.
The setting sun catches the photographer on the deck of the Marlo pub

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