A Marlo Muster, never a dull moment

Day 7 Saturday 19/2/22 Marlo, Warm 24

The weather is improving, we have breakfast outside in the sun. Which is always a treat. An old school friend ‘S’ and her hubby ‘I’ arrive, they’re between caravans at present and will be staying the weekend in a cabin. We have a coffee and chat in the sun.

Marlo jetty on the Snowy River

After lunch, I wander off to photograph stuff and Woody rings to say that ‘I’ has had a heart turn. As we overhear another ambulance call for assistance for a farmer who has been crushed between a cow and a gate, our mate is bundled into the ambulance for a trip to Bairnsdale (about 110kms away) shouting “Don’t give up the bloody cabin, we’ve paid for 2 nights!”

Clouds above the dunes, Marlo

It’s our blokes cooking night tonight and there’s a buzz of preparation, roasts are cooking on Webers and curries are bubbling on stoves while we keep a watch over ‘S’. All turns out well except that the hospital wants to put ‘I’ on a bus that wouldn’t arrive back in Marlo until after midnight and none of us is in a fit state to drive to the corner let alone Bairnsdale and back. Eventually, a bed for the night and a 9:00am pickup wins out. In the meantime, Woody is muttering that I’m to blame for ‘I’s demise because my coffee tastes like “cat’s p”. However, I’m in good company as having worked in the coffee industry, he likens most people’s coffee to either cat’s or cow’s p.

With ‘I’ given the ‘all clear’ and a great meal cooked by the blokes, someone lights a campfire, and relieved we chat around the glowing fire until quite late.

Accom: $30.00

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