The Negative Attitude is Free of Charge

Day 1, Saturday 4th May 2013 Glen Cromie, Vic

A nice early start, we drop our cat off at the cattery at 9:30 and we arrive at Glen Cromie campground in Drouin West at 10:45. We always get lost finding this park. So, as we leave the Princes Highway and the Garmin doesn’t have the park listed, we key it into Google Maps. We then have Gabbi Garmin and Mrs. Google talking over each other vying for our attention, one wanting us to turn right and the other requesting a left.

S&M have arrived and are already in the process of setting up so thankfully the camp manager doesn’t ‘read the riot act’ to us. The park in a bend of the Tarago River is very pretty and has been in operation since 1895, however, there is a full A4 page of Do’s and Don’ts or to be more precise Don’ts, as to how we should behave and what facilities incur extra fees. The park fee is $30 per night. Apparently, we should not have arrived until 1:00pm, this mistake alone would normally incur an extra fee. The site is already empty so we can’t see why this is such a problem. But it has the management on edge. Last year when our caravan club came to check the park out they were charged $4 each just to walk around and look and when they returned recently for their muster and we visited them for drinks we were also charged $2 each to visit. It seems that we’re in for a bit of fun here.

Towing Kms: 90Kms

Accom: $30.00

Glen Cromie, a tight site – it’s a wonder they didn’t charge extra for being close to the rubbish bins!

12 thoughts on “The Negative Attitude is Free of Charge

  1. I hear you! Living in Nar Nar Goon we often went to Neerim, Noojee and Jindivik for day trips. We called in to see friends who regularly stayed at Glen Cromie and frankly, we didn’t see the attraction! The management were always odd and so many rules and extra charges. We felt like we were intruding on someone’s private property! It’s a nice location, but very visible from the road.


  2. This would be very funny if it wasn’t rather sad: I can imagine someone from ‘management’ prowling around ready to charge people for every ‘infringement’. We once booked for (and paid) overnight accommodation at a popular holiday resort in the Western Cape, South Africa. On our arrival the owner insisted we pay a deposit which came to more than the actual fee – that he would return ‘in due course’ once he was satisfied that we had left everything in good order. I was furious as nothing of this ilk had been mentioned on the website and refused to use my credit card. Instead I paid him in cash – scrabbled around for enough notes to do so. The next morning when his wife came to check on the room I invited her to look around – she was so embarrassed that she simply gave me the envelope of cash and bid us farewell. I will never return!


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