Showers clearing

Day 3, Friday 13th Sept 2013 Barham

It rains steadily all day. We all shelter around the fire in the camp kitchen which has now become our HQ. We get wet through with each trip to the toilets or to our vans. C & M arrive and have to set up in the rain. Suddenly the weather clears to a warm evening, the caravan park puts on hot pies and pastries for our happy hour and all is right with the world. We finish the evening around the still roaring fire.

Day 4, Saturday 14th Sept 2013 Barham

We get up early and walk the river banks the mist is rising off the water and the old bridge is illuminated in golden sunlight. I practice the uke on the riverbank in the sun and M kindly joins me (she must be tone deaf). S reads at the other end of the bench seat (she must also be tone deaf, poor bugger) and a chap fishes on the bank beside us, what an odd quartet we are. Woody and I ride our bikes across the bridge into Koondrook. Back at camp we all sit around reading and chatting in the warm spring sunshine then gather for lunch at the Club. The Club, which abuts the caravan park, how good is this?

In the afternoon we all laze around on the lawn beside the river playing a new game of “Vertical Golf” in which one has to throw balls on a string over a ladder. I really can’t get the knack of it but Woody manages to win the tournament. It must be our lucky day as we also win a meat tray and prizes in the raffle but fail miserably in the trivia game. We share the meat tray with C & M at the BBQ and sit around the fire chatting.

Flooded forest at Koondrook
Whether they fail or fall I’d rather not be under them

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