To market to market

Day 5, Sunday 15th Sept 2013 Barham

M and I photograph the river then hurry back for the muster breakfast. The boys are cooking a mountain of bacon and eggs and it is delicious. We all walk across the river to the Koondrook farmers market and we can’t resist the homemade English pork pies and fresh tomatoes. They even have locally grown organic rice.

Murray River at dawn
Koondrook Market

C fixes new catches to our caravan door to prevent it from blowing off whilst travelling. I can never understand why they build most caravan doors to open in the direction of the oncoming wind. One can only hope that there is a valid reason. We read in the sun and have the pork pies for lunch. C drives us over to the local lake and we have a few beers at the Barham Golf Club. Time flies and suddenly we have to get back to camp for Happy Hour and the other M has got us all drawing palaces in some crazy game which is another miserable failure on our behalf. Our M cooks a delicious Massaman curry and we sit outside under their awning.

2022 Note: That was our pop-top caravan door giving us problems. Our current caravan door seems to have a mind of its own and gives us constant issues. Then, of course, I should mention our friends The Prado’s who have been either locked in or out of their van due to a dodgy door many times. I think the count is now 5 times.


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