It’s raining again

Day 6, Monday 16th Sept 2013 Barham

During the night we had a tumultuous thunderstorm. We heard it rolling in then we were surrounded by booming, crashing and flashing for fifteen minutes before it slowly moved on upriver. Then the rain started and pelted down for another half hour.

We all farewell C & M and a few others as the rain starts again in earnest. Time to retreat to the camp kitchen fire yet again. After lunch, someone suggests that we go to Mad Monday at the Club and we tiptoe off through the puddles to partake in the club raffles.  Back at camp, the cards are brought out and we play for hours. We cook some steaks from the meat tray and all enjoy our last night around the fire. No one wants to go home, we’d all rather go free camping but the weather really doesn’t suit.

Gunbower Island, across the river from us and lush in so much rain


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