Breakdown Blues – Day 12, Feeling Flat in Narromine

Day 12, Thursday 16/6/2022, Narromine, 3 – 17

A pleasant day dawns, except that the local Ford dealer doesn’t want to complete the job on the Toyota Prado thankfully it is now drivable. We do some shopping before the boys take it over to Dubbo 40kms away. Dubbo is the regional centre.

The news is worrying as the Toyota dealer will look at the simplest solutions first but at worst, the fuel tanks will need removal and it would be at least 3 weeks before they could do the job. If that’s the case, it would be easier and more straight forward for El and Elle and the car and caravan to be shipped home via RACV Total Care. Nervously, we wait upon the outcome.

Meanwhile, VeeWee rings with the news that, thanks to the RACV she has arrived home and has the part that the Mercedes needs but the motorhome won’t be home for a while yet. MV rings to say that they won’t make it to Yeppoon this year as she needs medical treatment which certainly can’t be fixed by handy husband Silicon. Then we hear from Double or Nuthin and Shirley Temple, they too have been blindsided as their daughter fell off the back of her caravan and has torn several leg ligaments. They’ll be needed for Grandparent duties up in Brisbane. In all it’s been a bugger of a day and we’re all feeling flat.

Accom: $35.00

Fuel: $85.61 (219.5c/l)

Narromine, NSW

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