Breakdown Blues – Day 24 – Forest Giants

Day 24 Tuesday Kenilworth, cloudy 9 – 19

With no plans for the day, we all have a lazy morning sleep-in, except Woody. He’s up at 6:00 for a walk around town.

The town is still busy, but it is school holidays.

We’ve been hearing about the Fig Tree Walk so we take the short 6km drive out to Yabba Creek Park. The park is an overnight free camp on Little Yabba Creek where it joins the Mary River. A walk across the road bridge and tucked into the dark rainforest is the entrance to the boardwalk. An easy stroll and a one km loop of boardwalk and asphalt, Fig Tree Walk is one of those little gems. The forest is dark yet shafts of light shine through where trees have fallen. The Mary River burbles beside us as we gasp at the size of the trees but one dwarfs the rest and it takes 3 photos stitched together to capture the width of the butt.

Up she goes into the sky – Moreton Bay Fig
Now that’s what I’d call a big butt
The beauty of the rainforest
Mary River where it joins with Little Yabba Creek

Accom: $25.00


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