Breakdown Blues – Day 25 – Almost floored

Day 25 Wednesday 29/6/2022 Kenilworth, cloudy 11 – 18

El Prado suggests a drive to Imbil and we’re all in like Flynn. Testing out the Sygic GPS app on a 14day free trial, we set off up the hill. The rural views are expansive with Queenslander style homes perched on hilltops. The app fails us by missing the turn off to Imbil, lucky we already knew where it was, although it has some good features for truckies we won’t be shelling out for the app.

Beyond Imbil, the road to Lake Borumba follows Yabba Creek crossing it many times on one lane bridges. The creek is choked with debris and fallen trees from the recent floods. Lake Borumba campground with only a few campers is surprisingly quiet for school holiday time. The lake supplies water for the region’s agriculture.

Lake Borumba Dam

The village of Imbil is busy, it’s lunchtime and we decide to brave the look of the Railway Hotel and have lunch. And what a great choice it is. She’s a funny old Queensland pub. There’s a hole in the ceiling above us that exposes what looks to be a piece of wall. Looking down I notice a taped x on the floor, which at first I think is a social distancing mark, but no, it’s denoting a hole in the floor that the carpet covers. Gee, I’m glad I no longer wear 5-inch heels or I might have ended up in the cellar. But the food, is delicious! Homestyle real burgers, juicy steak! homely lasagne and a big chunk of battered Barramundi. Remember that, The Railway Hotel, Imbil, it’s a beauty.

After our filling lunch, a few spring rolls cooked in the air fryer is all we need for dinner.

Accom: $25.00

Spotted: Azure Kingfisher


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