Breakdown Blues – Day 31 – Gayndah

Day 31 Tuesday 5/7/2022 Kandanga to Gayndah, even wetter 9 – 11

It rained all night and this morning the ground is all puddles making it hard for the boys to pack up. This rain band stretches way down the east coast and we’re only getting the lightest of it.

Thanks heavens for rubber boots!

Just outside Gympie we see a large solar array which we presume services the city of Gympie.

This is not an easy day for driving the rain is incessant, the road winds and climbs, there is always someone behind wanting to overtake yet most of the way it is double lines. Then we come across four loose horses. The bad weather has created a lot of potholes but it’s hard to dodge them when you’ve got someone overtaking you.

We stop at Kilkiven because the butchery here smokes their own meats and we can never go past without dropping in. Standing under the stuffed head of a very large bull we buy good old-fashioned bacon, hams and cabana flavoured with jalapeño and cheese.

Even the dead bull didn’t put us off

The second stage of the journey is worse as the rain gets heavier. The roadsides are swelling with water and close to flooding.

We arrive at Gayndah’s heritage Railway Station and the grassy sites are waterlogged so we ring the caretaker and he suggests that we park up under a high roofed concrete loading area. High and dry we are tickled pink, we couldn’t get a better spot in this weather. We quickly scoot indoors and turn on the diesel heaters as it is an icy 10 degrees outside. Elle slaves over a hot stove to cook me a lasagne birthday feast, red bubbles, and a truly delicious dinner. We’ve celebrated birthdays in funny places but I think this one takes the cake.

Tucked up and dry at Gayndah Heritage Railway Station
Interesting view, glad we don’t smoke

Accom: $10.00

Towing Kms: 184kms

Gayndah, Qld (Map Source: WikiCamps)


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