Breakdown Blues – Day 53 – Bad habits?

Day 53 Wednesday 27/7/2022 Mulambin, sunny 13 – 22

The receptionist at the medical clinic asks if I’ve been there before,


and if I still live at the same address,


“And do you still drink a carton a day?” She asks.

“Huh?” When I crack up, she says

“Nearly gotcha didn’t I?”

We go in search of a new toilet chemical called Portasol, to no avail it must be good as it’s out of stock.

Woody walks on, this time to Taranganba while I walk along my favourite, Lammermoor Beach.

Dinner is marinara seafood cakes cooked in the air fryer with a salad.

Lammermoor Beach, Qld

8 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Day 53 – Bad habits?

    1. Quite yummy. It’s a Woolies recipe that I found online, just Google ‘Marinara Seafood Cakes’. Basically it’s a fish cake recipe mashed potato, marinara seafood mix from the supermarket, with egg to bind, dill and capers for a bit of flavour and crumbed in Panko breadcrumbs. Enjoy.

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